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Agar House Llandudno Access Statement

Please view below for our Access Statement

1. Agar House does not have a car park although it
is normally possible to park nearby in the road.
Access is via a gate (100cm wide) with a 2cm
lip rise leading onto a wide, flat entrance path of
7m in length.

2. The main front door is 80 cm wide with a lip rise
of 2 cm leading to a porch area with a door 80
cm wide leading directly into the hallway.

3. The Hallway is 3m wide and 4m in length and
connects via a fire door (80cm wide) to the
Dining room. These facilities are on one level
without any steps.

4. Assistance upstairs with luggage is available
upon request.

5. There are no bedrooms situated on the ground

6. There are 6 letting bedrooms available on the 1st
and 2nd floors (5 ensuite) and 1 separate

7. Access to the 1st floor leads from the hall to a
staircase (90cm wide) with 5 steps, thereafter a
small landing with 2 steps up to another small
landing and finally 9 steps of width 80cm leads
to the 1st floor landing. Access to the second
floor continues from the 1st floor landing up 7
steps of width 75cm to a small landing area and
then up 7 steps of width 70cm leads to the 2nd
floor landing.

8. Access to a shower and toilets within the rooms
is via doors between 55-62cm in width. Access
to private bathroom is via doors of 65cm and
70cm in width.

9. No public toilet facilities are available.

10. A large print menu is available by prior
arrangement and of course any explanations
will be offered verbally.